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OptixCare Pet Eye Lube Plus, Hyaluron Ointment, Dog and Cat, 0.7 Oz



Soothing Comfort Eye Lubricant Provides Protection & Hydration

OptixCare Pet Eye Lube Plus Hyaluron Ointment for Dogs & Cats is a sterile, carbomer gel specifically formulated for use on dogs and cats as an ocular lubricant.

Supports long lasting corneal protection and hydration, while thicker consistency makes it easier to apply. Optixcare Eye Lube is an eye wetting agent that provides long lasting comfort to dry, itchy and irritated eyes. Rapidly disperses to protect the cornea and conjunctiva. Clings to the surface of the eye to ease the discomfort of dry eye. Provides long-lasting lubrication for improved patient comfort.

Available in .70 oz gel.

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